About Us

Warm Greetings from Sumeet

When we started Sumeet in 1963, we were clear of one thing. Never to compromise on Quality. This also meant being able to understand true needs and to innovate our appliances to meet these needs.

We also wanted to give products that last. We are proud to state that we have products that are even over 25 years and still working. This gives us a sense of achievement. This is what we believe as truly good value.

For the last five decades we have specialized in the fine art of food mixing-grinding. Today we have expanded our understanding and technology to include virtually every spectrum of the daily needs in a typical home.

We are confident that our latest range will continue our tradition of what we pride ourselves in most: “Top Quality. Good Value”.”

When the founder of Sumeet, Vijay Mathur , started manufacturing Sumeet, they knew they wanted to make a machine that would tackle the toughest of kitchen chores in an Indian kitchen with ease and in the manner authentic recipes for curries and spice pastes in Indian Cuisines demanded. From the beginning they also set out to make products that last and today we are proud that many of our appliances purchased decades ago are still in use. This is what we believe is true value, and it is our greatest achievement. Headquartered in Chennai, India, Sumeet Strong & Reliable has made incredible gains in the world of Kitchen Appliances.