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When we started Sumeet, We decided that the most important,if not the only philosophy of the House would be to do what's more in the interest of the consumer. For over three decades now, this has been the first priniciple of the House of Sumeet. It has helped us take serveral important decisions with confidance and a sense of commitment.

Sumeet users world wide. Our product is much imitated.It has become an industry benchmark for performance. We are acknowledged as the standards.And raises them again with every new model.

At the heart of all this is our engineering expertise.Ever since our first model, we've been continuously refining the Sumeet mixer/grinder. New materials, new technologies, new processes, new consumer needs all of these have made product development an on-going process at Sumeet.

Dear customer

It gives us great pride that an indian product has today become one of a kind in the world.In the years to come,it will be our endeavour to take our special expertise down to consumers all over the world.And continue todo what we have proved ourselves rather good at. Giving our consumers a product that meets their own special needs.

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We are exporting to various countries like
  1. Singapore
  2. Australia
  3. Malaysia
  1. Canada
  2. Sydney
  3. USA